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Dear Fellowmen, Family And Friends,
As many of you know, Groove Phi Groove celebrated 50 years of existence not long ago.  Our organization was born during the civil rights movement, when black people in America were shattering barriers that were used to keep us in place.  Then, like now, we attract men to join our ranks who are not satisfied with the status quo.  Instead, we attract men who want to challenge the establishment and not become a part of it.  Everything about us from our name to our shield is unique and goes against traditional norms.  Yet, no matter how old we get and no matter who joins our Fellowship, the mission of Groove Phi Groove stays the same.  Our Founders created Groove Phi Groove so that we could serve the people in our communities and on our campuses, especially young black men who are striving to get an education.  As we speak, our members are working nationwide through our Groove Leadership Academy, which provides a vehicle for us to mentor and guide high school students who want to go to college like we did.  Our members are also working across the country to raise college scholarship money through our 501 (c) 3 charitable arm, The Groove Fund.  At our core, we are a brotherhood that serves.  We are willing to help those in need by any means necessary.  We are college educated men, working to educate and empower our people in the community, especially young black men.  If you want to join our mission of serving others or if you simply want to learn more about us, I encourage you to browse our web site.

God bless you and God bless the everlasting existence of Groove Phi Groove.

Victor P. Henderson, Esq.
10th National President

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July 23, 2014
2014 National Conclave

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